Do You Buy Silver?

We love to buy silver! We accept anything that is pure silver or sterling silver. However, we do not buy silver plated items - they are too expensive to refine.

Difference between Sterling Silver and Pure Silver - Pure silver (99.9 % or .999) is a very soft metal, which would make it hard to cast into specific objects such as silverware or jewelry, so you will typically only find this in the form of bars or coins for commodity exchanges. A harder form of silver is sterling silver. Alloys are added to the metal to increase its durability, reduce tarnish, and improve surface. Sterling silver will typically be made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such. This is the version of silver that most silver wear and silver jewelry are made of.

Alloys -Alloys are typically added to metals to make them stronger than their natural form. Alloys are metallic materials consisting of two or more elements. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing silver and primarily copper.

Some types of silver items we buy are:

Flatware Bars
Serving plates Coins
Jewelry Antique pieces

Popular silver brands:

Alvin Amston
Blackinton Concord
Richard Dimes Dominick & Haff and Others
Durgin Easterling
Gorham Graff
Howard Stieff
Knowles Merrimac