Do You Buy Dental Gold?

We do! We accept any dental material containing gold. Gold is gold! Get paid for it!

There is never an amount too small to sell, but in all likelihood, you're not looking at pure gold within your dental crown, bridge or filling. Dental gold is often used in alloy form at a range of about 10-20 karats mixed with other metals such as silver, tin, copper or titanium. Since the karat system goes up to 24 (pure gold), that gives you an idea of how much actual gold might be in your possession. Expect an approximate average of 16 karat gold since pure gold is too soft to be used in dental gold. Regardless, we can do all the testing for you when you send in your items.

Request an Appraisal kit and send us your dental gold today. We can have cash in your hands in less than 24 hours.