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What kind of gold do you buy?

We buy all types of precious metals including gold (yellow, white, rose), silver, and platinum. We even buy some gold plated and gold-filled items.

We Buy All Purities - Gold jewelry is usually solid in alloy form equaling 24 parts. It is important to know how much gold your jewelry or item contains. One way you can figure out your item's purity is to examine your piece for symbols such as hallmarks, which will use both the Karat and Numeric system to indicate the gold content within. 24 karat will be your purest form of gold. When you have a 14-karat piece of gold that means that its 14 part gold and 10 parts other metal (totaling 24 parts - your purest form).

Some other common percentages are:

  • 18K = 75% Pure Gold
  • 12K = 50% Pure Gold
  • 9K = 33% Pure Gold (common in British and Antique Pieces. It is technically unlawful to represent 9K gold in the U.S. as being solid gold)

In Europe, you will see more of the 20k, 21k, and 22k pieces.

We Buy All Colors of Gold - The three most common colors of gold are yellow, rose, and white.

  • Yellow gold gets its color by mixing 24k with alloy metals such as copper or zinc. These alloy metals will also add additional strength to the item.
  • Copper mixed with pure gold is used to make the Rose gold color. The copper provides the rose-reddish color
  • To make White gold you mix it with other white metals such as silver and palladium. White gold is often plated in rhodium, which is part of the platinum group, to give it more of the silvery-white coloring

We Buy All Types of Gold -The Types of gold items we buy:

Fine Jewelry Bars
Designer Jewelry Coins
Watches Bullion
Platinum or Silver Jewelry Estate Jewelry

We Buy Gold Plated and Gold Filled Items -Although these items do not contain as much gold, we will appraise and make an offer on all gold-filled and gold-plated items.

Gold Plated Gold plated means that there is a thin covering of gold over another piece of metal. Gold plated items are usually strong and provide an attractive finish. However, these thin covering tarnishes over time and may chip or wear away over time with wear.

Check for these marks to see if your items are gold plated:

  • 14KGP - Note: don't confuse 14KGP with just 14KP. 14KGP means 14K Gold Plate. 14KP means 14K Plumb - which is "dead on exactly" aka "plumb" solid 14K Gold. The "14" can be substituted with other karats, like 10, 12, 18, 24 etc.
  • 14K HGE - 14K Heavy Gold Electroplate. This means the gold plating layer was applied using electrolysis. The "14" can be substituted with other karats, like 10, 12, 18, 24 etc.
  • 24K Gold Plated - This means the plating layer is 24K gold. It usually indicates electroplating.
  • Vermeil or Gold Over Sterling Silver - This means gold plated sterling silver or fine silver. It's regular old gold plating - except the underlying metal is sterling silver of fine silver instead of a base metal.
  • Gold Wash - This is basic gold plating.
  • Gold Clad / Karat Clad - In a technical sense, clad means that gold layer was pressure bound to the underlying base metal. However, "gold clad" is a common synonym for any type of gold plating.
  • Bonded Gold - This means gold plated, as well. As with all gold plated jewelry, some bonded gold jewelry has a thicker layer of gold plating than others - but the difference is usually negligible
  • 10 Microns - Any other number followed by the word microns or the symbol for micron "µ" means that the layer of gold plating is 10 microns thick.
  • Plaque Or - This is usually followed by a number of Microns. This is seen on French / Swiss pieces, especially watch cases. It means gold plated.

Gold Filled Gold filled is much more valuable than gold plated due to the fact that there is more gold found within the piece and it's usually higher in purity, frequently just a step down from pure gold. Just like gold plated, gold filled is plated with gold as well - with a much thicker coating. Gold-filled items also use a gold alloy which will make the item stronger depending on the karat of gold used (the higher the karat the softer the gold). Gold filled items also resist tarnish better than gold plated jewelry.

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