Safe Packing and Shipping Instructions

1) Fill Out Your Customer Return Card
  • Description of your items: Document your merchandise by filling out your Customer Return Card. Please fill out all require information.
  • ID: Enter the information from your government issued ID. You must be 18 years of age to sell your items.*
  • Signature: Provide your signature confirming you are the lawful owner of the merchandise you are selling.*
* Required by Florida Statute §538.32. Failure to provide this information could delay your payment process. We do not share this information.
2) Securely Package Your Items
  • To prevent damage, wrap merchandise in tissue paper or bubble wrap.
  • Securely place your wrapped merchandise inside a padded envelope or a zip lock bag.
  • Place zip lock bag or envelope and Customer Return Card inside a box. Use additional packaging materials for additional protection. Make sure the movement of your merchandise is restricted.

For your security, if your box weights more that 10lbs or is over 12"x 2"x 15" in size please call us at (888) 465-3860.

3) Prepare for Shipping with FedEx
  • Seal your box prior to FedEx pickup or drop off. If you don’t have a box or envelope FedEx can supply one for free.
  • Attach the company provided free, pre-paid FedEx Mailing Label to the outside of the box. If you don’t have a printer, FedEx can print it for you.
  • Ensure your package makes no reference to gold, diamonds, jewelry, etc.
4) Ship and Track your Merchandise

Your package is now ready to be shipped. Take your concealed package to the nearest staffed FedEx location or schedule a free in-home pickup by calling (888) 465-3860.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to obtain a receipt and tracking number from the FedEx representative. Save this information until your transaction with us is complete.

  • You can track your package through the entire process.
  • You will receive an email when your merchandise is received at our secure facility.
  • You will receive an offer within 24 hours of receiving your merchandise.